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The last cannibal tribes

Persons with unstable mentality, pregnant women, and has not attained 35 years of age and is strongly not recommended to view this section!.
The last cannibals, as you know, live in Papua New Guinea. There are still living by the rules adopted by the 5000 years ago: men go naked, and women cut off their fingers. There are only three tribes are still engaged in cannibalism, it's - Yali, Vanuatu and Carafano. Carafano ( or wood people) - the most violent tribe. They eat not only the warriors of other tribes, local or tourist to get lost, but all of their dead relatives. The name ... 3 photos ). The tribe of Vanuatu - just peace, not to eat the photographer, the leader brings a few hogs. Yali - formidable warriors (photo Yali start with 9 photos ). Phalanges Yali tribe woman cut off a hatchet as a sign of mourning for the deceased or the deceased family member.
The most important holiday Yali - a holiday death. Women and men paint their bodies in the form of a skeleton. On the feast of death before, maybe it's doing now, shamans, and killed the leader of the tribe ate his brain warm. This was done in order to satisfy the leader 's death, and soak up the knowledge of the shaman. Now Yali people killed less than usual, basically, if there was a crop failure or for some more ' important ' reasons.
Hungry cannibalism preceded the murder, is seen in psychiatry as a manifestation of the so-called hungry insanity.
Also known consumer cannibalism is not dictated by the need to survive and not provoked by the hungry madness. In judicial practice, such cases are not classified as murder with extreme cruelty.

I ' cannibal ' strange world today is Indonesia. In this state there are two well-known center of mass cannibalism - part of the island belongs to Indonesia, New Guinea and the island of Kalimantan ( Borneo). Inhabit the jungle of Kalimantan Dayak 7-8 million known hunters and cannibals skulls.

The most tasty part of the body they are head - tongue, cheeks, the skin of the chin, extracted through the nasal cavity or ear opening brains, meat from the thighs and calves, heart, hands. The initiators of busy hiking in the skulls of a Dayak women are.
The most recent outburst of cannibalism in Borneo occurred at the turn of the 20th and 21st centuries, when the Indonesian government has tried to organize the interior of the island's colonization by civilized natives of Java and Madura. The unfortunate peasant settlers and soldiers accompanied them for the most part were cut out and eating. Until recently cannibalism was maintained on the island of Sumatra, where the Batak tribes ate the criminals sentenced to death and failing the elderly.

Major role in almost complete elimination of cannibalism in Sumatra and other islands of the activity has played a ' father of Indonesian independence ' military dictator Sukarno and Suharto. But even they could not one iota to improve the situation in Irian Jaya - the Indonesian New Guinea.

Papuan ethnic groups living there, according to the missionaries who are obsessed with a passion for human flesh and are characterized by unprecedented brutality.
Particularly preferred are human liver with herbs, dildos, noses, tongues, meat from the thighs, feet, legs, breasts. In the eastern part of the island of New Guinea, in the independent state of Papua - New Guinea evidence of cannibalism recorded much lower.